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PROCET PoE USB-C Splitter Connection Diversity

Feb. 08, 2024   Author: Yannes

Mainly separates the output of PoE switch or PoE power supply into power supply is our PROCET PoE USB-C splitter and network.The power supply 5~20V DC is output through the USB-C interface, and the network is output through the RJ45 (or LAN) port.This series of products includes PT-PTC-AT and PT-PTC-BT. The specific difference lies in the matching protocol and output power. PT-PTC-AT is a PoE switch or PoE power supply connected to IEEE802.3at,the output power is up to 25W. PT-PTC-BT is an uplink device that matches the IEEE802.3bt standard, with a maximum power of 60W.

PoE USB-C Splitter Connection diagram

An ideal solution with PoE USB-C splitter for power and network separation. It can directly power USB-C interface network devices through the RJ45 interface without the need for power sockets and cable wiring. It also provides a LAN port to provide network. PT-PTC-AT can work with power supply equipment such as PROCET's PT-PSE104GB-30/PT-PSE101G-AT/EN30GT as well as PoE switches and media converters to achieve simultaneous transmission of data and power to terminal devices. The same series of PT-PTC-BT can be used with IEEE 802.3bt power supply equipment, PoE switches and media converters such as PT-PTSE104GB-60 to provide power for higher power powered devices. Supports 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connection capability. The USB-C splitter configuration is flexible. Users can use the splitter to convert PoE into power and data transmission to devices that require power and network supply. Additionally, by connecting your PoE injector device to PROCET’s PoE USB-C splitter, you can enjoy benefits such as cost savings, easier network planning, and higher reliability. USB-C Splitter Connection Diversity:

PoE Splitter to USB-C and LAN

Connect to wireless devices

It supports USB-C interface charging, and the required power is 27W. Through the splitter PT-PTC-BT, it supplies power to the device and the network at the same time. It is not restricted by the power socket and the router can be placed according to personal needs.

Connect to a single board computer

For example, the Raspberry Pi4 and Rock Pi4 single-board computers on the market support USB-C interface charging, with a maximum charging power of 15W. Paired with the PT-PTC-AT PoE splitter, it can not only provide data to the single-board computer, but also provide power through USB-C. This is an operator-friendly accessory.

Connect with smart home

For home smart speakers, if the user wants to place this product in a place without a socket at home, then connecting the PT-PTC-AT product through a PoE switch can directly power the smart speaker.

PROCET PoE USB-C Splitter use for smart home