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PROCET 4-port Industrial grade PoE Switch Mass Production

Jan. 02, 2024   Author: Susie

PROCET Company has launched a new 4-port Industrial grade PoE switch and the model is PT-PIS4PB1S-E, which has been mass-produced. This PoE switch adopts a sturdy high-impact metal casing and has a unique perfect arc design, making it stand out among many form-factor PoE switches. It is equipped with a standard Din rail bracket.

PROCET 4-port Industrial PoE Switch

PROCET industrial-grade PoE switch is equipped with 4 PoE ports that comply with IEEE802.3bt standard and is compatible with 802.3af/at. The power supply of each PoE port is 55Vdc, 1.64A, up to 90W. Its unique total power budget design adapts to the needs of different input voltages.

When 12Vdc is input, the total power budget is maximum 120W.

When 24Vdc is input, the total power budget is maximum 240W.

When 48Vdc is input, the total power budget is maximum 360W.

PROCET Industrial grade PoE Switch Mass Production in factory

In addition, the Industrial grade PoE switch is also equipped with an upstream SFP slot that supports multi-mode or single-mode SFP optical transceivers. The 6-Pin green terminal provides two DC inputs and supports 12-55Vdc.Each of the four PoE ports has 4KV lightning protection and supports 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 interface and 1000BASE-X SFP interface. The LED indicators show whether the relevant functions are normal or not. Many customers have tested Industrial grade PoE switch and placed orders for it. The current small batch testing has been completed in the third quarter of 2023, and the daily output can now reach 1K.This product is widely used to power high-power network equipment, such as PTZ cameras, wireless APs, PoE power switches, etc. Suitable for harsh environments and can withstand a wide temperature range of -40℃ to +65℃ (-104℉ to 149℉).