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10Gbps PoE, traditional PoE upgrade

Sep. 26, 2023

The market demand for high bandwidth is growing day by day. With the prevalence of emerging technologies such as AR virtual reality, augmented reality and 4K video streaming, high-speed Ethernet plays a vital role in coping with these emerging technologies. The 10Gbps PoE is Technical upgrade of traditional Gigabit Ethernet while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Ethernet technology is constantly being upgraded to cope with higher data transmission rates. Common data transmission updates include 10 Mbps Ethernet (10BASE-T), 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX) and 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T), to today's IEEE802.3bz5/10GbE, can achieve faster and more reliable data transmission, supporting the growing demand for bandwidth-intensive applications and technologies.

10Gbps PoE Product information

Ethernet technology provides 10Gbps PoE cost-effective solutions for high-speed network construction:

Industry 4.0 manufacturing: In the manufacturing environment, real-time monitoring, communication between automation equipment and automation system presentation all rely on fast and powerful network connections. 10 Gbps Ethernet can achieve seamless communication between machines and provide efficient manufacturing processes. required bandwidth and reduce production downtime.

IoT construction: Internet of Things (IoT) devices and 10Gbps PoE can accommodate an increasing number of connected devices, supporting data-intensive IoT applications such as smart cities, smart homes, and smart lighting.

Security surveillance systems: Implementing 10 Gbps Ethernet in security surveillance systems enables high-resolution video streaming and real-time monitoring of security cameras. It can transmit high-quality surveillance video without sacrificing network performance.

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