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How PoE injector supply power and network to cameras

Jan. 30, 2024

The early development and later construction of the PoE injector supply scheme for security monitoring equipment are closely linked. Especially in the later construction stage, the specifications, characteristics and related protocols of PoE cameras and PoE power supply modules must be fully understood.Only in this way can we ensure that the monitoring project is completed efficiently and at low cost. How does the PoE power supply module power the surveillance camera and provide the network?

PoE power and date for cameras

PoE power supply requires only one network cable to provide power and network transmission to AP (PoE cameras, wireless AP and other equipment) at the same time. The security monitoring system adopts network PoE power supply solution (see the figure below for details), eliminating the need for socket installation and power cord deployment. etc., thus saving time costs, network deployment costs, installation labor costs, and later maintenance costs, etc. The more PoE injector supply powered devices used in the network, the more obvious this time and cost advantage becomes.

PoE injector supplies power and network in difference application

There are only three standards for PoE injector supply modules. The IEEE802.3af power supply power is 15.4W/at. The power supply power is 30W/bt. The power supply power is 90w (see the figure below for details). How to match PoE power supply and PoE power receiving (PoE camera)? For example:

1.When the PoE camera power is 10W, you can choose the IEEE802.3af PoE power supply module;

2.When the PoE camera power is 20W, you must choose the IEEE802.3802.3at PoE power supply module;

3.It should be noted that the 802.3at standard is backward compatible with the 802.3af standard, so when the PoE camera is 802.3af standard, you can choose an 802.3af or at standard PoE power supply module.

The 802.3bt standard is backward compatible with 802.3at and 802.3af.

PoE injector data information