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PROCET 24V PoE injector Introduction

Feb. 29, 2024   Author: Yannes

Among Procet's many PoE products, there is a series of products that are quite special, this is the output 24V PoE injector power supply. This is due to differences in the standardization of PoE power supply in various industries, so there are PoE power supplies with an output voltage of 24V. Its compatible powered devices include wireless access points, IP cameras and surveillance equipment, as well as radio equipment and antennas.

PROCET 24V PoE injector diagram

This type of PoE power supply has two main features:

First, the output 24V PoE injector voltage is fixed at 24V; its voltage does not adaptively adjust according to the voltage required by the powered device, but remains constant at 24V.This is the point we need to pay special attention to during the purchasing process.

PROCET 24V PoE injector information and diagram

The second is without detection protocol.In standard PoE power supply methods (such as IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at), the power supply device will detect whether the receiving device supports PoE and negotiate the voltage and power level of the power supply. This detection and negotiation mechanism is to ensure compatibility between the power supply equipment and the receiving end equipment and the security of power transmission. However, the output 24V PoE injector is generally used for specific equipment that has clearly specified the need for 24V power. Therefore, 24V PoE power supply equipment does not need to detect and negotiate, and can directly provide a fixed 24V power output.

Below are several PROCET PoE power supplies with 24V output voltage. You can choose based on the input method, the power requirements of the powered device, and the usage environment.

1.Products with a power of 15W:


PROCET 24V PoE injector data

2. Products with power between 24W-30W:


More PROCET 24V PoE injector data information