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USB-C Mobile Devices Charging PoE Solution

May. 10, 2022

Laptop USB-C Charging PoE Solution


At present, the development of PoE technology has reached a mature stage, and the scope of application is constantly being expanded. Signals and power can be supplied to devices through a single network cable, which is economical and environmentally friendly. So many people are wondering if it is possible to power mobile devices such as mobile phones/iPads/laptops through PoE technology? PoE already allows many network-enabled devices to draw power over a single network cable, but powering power-hungry devices like laptops would be more difficult.



1. Power Wattage

The power consumption of phones and iPads is about 10-20W, while most laptops reach about 50W, and different brands are slightly different, but most of the PoE systems in our lives only offer 15-30W power, which is much lower than the rated power of the laptops.

2. Compatibility

We know that the PoE system has its own transmission protocol, called IEEE802.3AF/AT/BT, but almost all mobile devices on the market do not support the PoE protocol.

3. Interface Adaptation

PoE usually works with RJ45 network cables, while mobile phones and iPads have no RJ45 interface, the traditional RJ45 network cable interfaces on many laptops are also replaced by USB C interfaces gradually. How can a mobile device without an RJ45 port achieve PoE charging?

4. Safety Confirm

Mobile devices are precious, especially the data stored inside. How to ensure Laptops' safety during PoE charging?

Laptop USB-C Charging PoE Solution

Corresponding Solution from PROCET:

1. A PoE system with laptop-rated power is required. If there is no PoE switch with enough power or the switch does not have the PoE function, you can also connect a PoE injector. PROCET has 15W/30W/60W/90W/120W PoE injectors for various needs.

2. To solve the problem of protocol compatibility, we only need to connect a PoE splitter between the PoE switch and the laptop.

3. About the RJ45 port problem. PROCET's newly designed PoE splitter PT-PTC-D-BT is equipped with a USB-C port, which can transmit up to 60w of power to mobile phones/iPads/laptops and other devices through the USB C cable.

4. How to confirm the safety? PROCET products all support the PoE standard protocol. When the output power of the PoE switch exceeds the rated power of the laptop, the PoE protocol will be backward compatible, and the power will not be forced directly, so our devices will still be safe even if there is a bigger wattage.

                                  PROCET PT-PSE104GB-60 60W PoE Injector                                          PROCET PoE to USBC Splitter
                        Laptop USB-C Charging PoE Solution                   USB-C Mobile Devices Charging PoE Solution

PROCET has stable production lines of 15W/30W/60W/90W/120W PoE injectors currently, recently, corresponding to the different needs of mobile phones/tablets/laptops, etc. we have developed a series of PoE to USB-C splitters with power from 10W to 60W.  If any needs, welcome to contact us!