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Industrial Environmental Solutions

Sep. 16, 2019

In industrial environment applications stable and reliable is the most important request of installing a video camera, Microwave Radio, IP panel controller, etc. Industrial environment means high temperature, dust, temperature difference between day and night, bad weather, electromagnetic interference. Standard home using PoE products couldn’t afford this request.

PROCET R&D department provides Enterprise level PoE solutions, our products support video camera, Microwave Radio and PoE devices regularly working under wide temperature, humidity and strong electromagnetic interference, the products extensive used at electric, transporting, industrial automation, mines and new energy resources.

PROCET PT-PSE105 DIN Rail series PoE designed for industrial or solar applications. PROCET accumulate abundant experiences of industrial applications designs.

1. PROCET PT-PSE105 DIN Rail series PoE equipped high class protection level, 6KV surge protection, enclosed in an IP40 high compact metal casing.

2. Boost PoE at 12-48VDC input, 55V output, make it available for solar application. Or IEEE802.3af/at/bt input to 24VDC output for wireless AP and IP panel controller.

3. Extend temperature from -40℃ to 65℃, even to 75℃.

4. IEEE802.3af/at/bt standard.

5. Output power from 15.4W to 120W matches most video cameras Microwave Radio and PoE devices.

6. With standard DIN rail mounting bracket, can be fixed easily.

7. One fiber port and or two fiber ports are available.

Industrial Environmental Solutions

Industrial Environmental Solutions

Industrial Environmental Solutions

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