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PROCET PoE Injector Supply on Schedule

Apr. 29, 2022

As the COVID-19 still spreads throughout the world, most companies universally have problems such as labor shortages, supplier shutdowns, and logistics interruptions, the supply chain management of enterprises is facing many challenges. Under the challenges, no matter which link has problems, it will lead to supply interruption, which is a fatal blow to the business. PROCET's precise demand forecasting and inventory optimization technology guarantee our sufficient supply of goods.


Every Friday is the busiest day for PROCET. In order to catch up with the shipping schedule, a large number of goods in boxes are dispatched before Friday. This Friday, the containers of PROCET sent to customers in Korea and Europe are loading as usual, and the containers full of PROCET PT-PSE104GB-60-10 POE injectors will board the ship on time. Before departure, the workers strictly follow the procedures to disinfect with alcohol to avoid contamination. PROCET is supplying stably and orderly.

PROCET PoE Injector Supply on Schedule

PROCET PT-PSE104GB-60-10 POE injector has been widely favored by customers since its development. With stable quality and low price advantage, It become one of the star products of PROCET rapidly and has been supplied to well-known wireless brand customers in Korea and Germany regularly for several years. This power PoE injector can not only be applied to monitoring systems, homes, offices, etc., but also be suitable for the popular WI-FI 6 network systems with its powerful 10G network rate.

PROCET PoE Injector Supply on Schedule

PROCET is an enterprise who deeply engaged in the PoE (Power over Ethernet) industry, integrating design, R&D, production and sales. We can provide a complete solution for your actual needs for PoE projects. If you have any needs or problems, please email us at to chat with our engineer directly.