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Can a Poe Switch Be Used as an Ordinary Switch?

Mar. 04, 2020

PoE switch is a new type of multifunctional switch. With the widespread application of PoE switches, people have a certain understanding of PoE switches. However, many people think that PoE switches can generate power by themselves. This statement is not correct. Generally speaking, the power supply of PoE switches refers to that PoE switches provide power to other devices through network cables without losing the function of transmitting data. So, can a PoE switch be used as an ordinary switch? The following PoE supplier will introduce this issue to everyone.

A PoE switch is a PoE-capable switch that can be connected to common switches. It can transmit data at the same time as power is supplied, while the main role of ordinary switches is to exchange data and does not have the function of power supply. For example, without a power supply, there is a surveillance camera connected to a common switch using a network cable. There is no doubt that this surveillance camera cannot work normally. In the same case, this surveillance camera is connected to the PoE switch through a network cable. Then this surveillance camera can work normally, which is the essential difference between a PoE switch and an ordinary switch.

Poe Switch

Poe Switch

For the security monitoring system, using a PoE switch is a good choice. It can not only avoid additional power wiring costs and reduce labor costs, but also improve system flexibility, simplify later upgrades and maintenance, and high-performance PoE. The switch can manage the power supply of each PoE port and the device, which is more convenient for administrators to control. These are the advantages that ordinary switches do not have.

A PoE switch has the functions of a switch. Of course, it can be used as a common switch, but when used as a common switch, it does not maximize the value of the PoE switch, but wastes the powerful functions of the PoE switch. If you do not need to provide DC power to the connected equipment and only need to transmit data, then it is recommended that you use an ordinary switch. If you need not only data transmission but also power supply, it is recommended that you choose a PoE switch.

If you want to turn a common switch into a PoE switch, assembling the common switch directly into a PoE switch cannot fully realize the power supply and data transmission at the same time. Unless you have a good knowledge of the switch, you can only meet your needs by other means. Here are two ways to meet your needs:

Method 1: Select a custom PoE switch directly

As mentioned earlier, if you want to change the structure of a common switch to realize the power supply of a POE switch, it is not possible for us personally. It is recommended that you directly choose a PoE switch. Although its price is slightly higher than that of a common switch, it is cost-effective. , Also has the advantages of high performance, smooth transmission and strong flexibility.

Method 2: Add a PoE power supply upstream of a common switch

Ordinary switches only have the function of transmitting data, while PoE power supplies only have the function of supplying power. The combination of the two is equivalent to a PoE switch, which can supply power to the equipment at the other end.

In summary, PoE switches can be used as ordinary switches, but we do not recommend using PoE switches as ordinary switches. This will waste the power of PoE switches to a large extent, and the cost of PoE switches will be greater than The price of ordinary switches is slightly higher, so using PoE switches to replace ordinary switches is more than worth it. If you need to meet both power supply and data transmission requirements, we recommend that you choose a high-performance, cost-effective PoE switch.