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Merry Christmas to All of Our PoE System Partners

Dec. 24, 2021

     Dear Procet customers and friends, wish you a merry Christmas and wish you and your families and friends health and happiness.

Merry Christmas to All of Our PoE System Partners

   As we all know, the COVID-19 had a profound impact on the global economy in 2021, but fortunately, customers still have great demand for PoE system products during this difficult time. Many people who work at home will buy PoE injectors in pursuit of a more convenient power supply and security. Surveillance is also in great demand during times of social instability.

Merry Christmas to All of Our PoE System Partners

   Before Christmas, Procet has completed and sent out most of the global orders, boxes of goods were waiting to be loaded into the container, and several layers of plastic film are tightly wrapped around the outside to protect the boxes in all directions. There are Procet products from indoor PoE injectors to surge products, most of them are ODM and OEM products. We will try our best to cooperate as long as customers need.

Merry Christmas to All of Our PoE System Partners

  Although shipping and port problems are serious this year, while with the efforts of all procet employees, the evaluation of our customers is still professional, competitive and reliable!


  With the advent of Christmas, shopping demand has risen sharply, and our Amazon retail store sales have also ushered in a small climax. Practical and convenient products such as PoE injector and PoE extender have also become gift choices for many young and professional people. Being recognized by customers and bringing more help to customers is the original intention and wish of Procet.

   Finally, Merry Christmas to all of our PoE system friends again, and let's welcome a great 2022!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Procet Team