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Five advantages of POE power supply switches

Dec. 10, 2019

As we all know, electrical equipment can only work after being powered on, and some devices based on IP networks also need power to be used, such as routers, cameras, etc. Of course, since the POE power supply technology, there are more IP network equipment A way to power. POE transmits data signals to some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, wireless LAN access points, APs, network cameras, etc.), while also providing DC power for such devices. Next, POE suppliers will introduce the five advantages and characteristics of POE switches in detail!

1.More secure

We all know that the 220V voltage is very dangerous, and the power supply cables are often damaged. This is very dangerous, especially in thunderstorms. Once the power receiving equipment is damaged, the phenomenon of leakage is unavoidable. The use of POE switches is much safer. Firstly, there is no need to pull wires to supply power, and it provides a safe voltage of 48V. The most important thing is that POE switches currently have professional lightning protection designs like our high-end products, even in lightning. Frequent areas can also be safe.

2.More convenient

Before the popularity of POE technology, 220V power sockets were used for power supply. This construction method was relatively rigid, because not every place can be powered or installed with power. Therefore, the optimal camera position is often hindered by various factors. The location had to be changed, which led to the emergence of a large number of blind spots. After the POE technology matures, these can be solved, after all, the network cable can also be powered by POE.

POE Switch

POE Switch

3.More flexibility

The traditional wiring method will affect the networking of the monitoring system, resulting in that monitoring cannot be installed in some places that are not suitable for wiring. The use of POE switches to supply power can not be restricted by time, place and environment, and the networking method will Much more flexible, the camera can be installed arbitrarily.

4.More energy saving

The traditional 220V power supply method requires a large range of wiring. During the transmission process, the loss is quite large, and the greater the distance, the larger the loss. The latest POE technology uses low-carbon environmental protection skills. Judging from this, energy conservation and environmental protection can be achieved.

5. More beautiful

Because the industrial POE technology makes the power and electricity into one, there is no need to wire and install sockets everywhere, which makes the monitoring place look simpler and more elegant.