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Difference Between Poe Switch And Pse Power Supply

Feb. 06, 2020

In the past, there were two main ways to power equipment, namely centralized power supply and distributed power supply. Centralized power supply means that the power sources come from the same place, and distributed power supply means that each power source gets power near the installation location. In recent years, with the development of PoE power supply technology, the development momentum of PoE power supply technology is getting stronger and stronger. With a series of advantages such as simplifying the installation and deployment of electrical equipment, energy saving, and safety, PoE power supply has become the new darling of scenarios such as wireless coverage, security monitoring, and smart grids. PoE switches and PSE power supplies are both color transmission devices that can provide power to network equipment, but they are very different. The following describes the differences between PoE switches and PSE power supplies.

PoE switch

The first type is a custom PoE switch. The PoE switch combines 802.3af power supply and data exchange functions. This type of PSE power supply exists at the terminal of the network connection and is called the end point method. Also called PoE switch.

The second type of PSE is installed on the connection line between the data switch and the PD of the powered device. This type of PSE power supply is called Midspan. It only applies DC power to the data line pair, and the data signal is directly transferred. Connected. For midspan-based networks, it is dedicated to power management and is usually placed with the switch. Like the switch, it also has multiple input and output RJ-45 ports, corresponding to each of the two RJ-45 jacks. Connects to a network switching device without power over Ethernet as a data input port; and another RJ-45 jack serves as a PoE output port for data and power output, and connects to a remote powered device (PD) that supports PoE power.

Custom Poe Switch

Custom Poe Switch

Industrial PoE manufacturers believe that a PoE switch is a network cable that transmits power and data at the same time. It is very convenient and fast because it is dual-use. The PSE power supply is also called a PoE power supply. The PSE power supply can only supply power to the device through the network cable, and does not have the function of transmitting data; and the PoE switch can both transmit and supply power to the device. Both PoE switches and PSE power supplies are color transmission devices that can provide power to network equipment, but they are quite different. In comparison, PoE switches are more power and material efficient.

PoE switches can work independently, can transmit data and power signals at the same time, and can be powered by connecting to equipment that needs power. The PSE power supply only has the function of power supply, but not the function of transmitting data, so it needs to be used in conjunction with the switch, which is the essential difference between them. It can be seen that the PSE power supply is relatively simple and the price is much lower than that of the PoE switch, but from the perspective of the entire network, the PoE switch is more convenient.

The above are the differences between PoE switches and PSE power supplies. You need to know more about PoE power supply products such as PoE switches, PoE power supplies, PoE transceivers, PoE splitters, etc. You can consult with High Knight and provide you with product parameter data And quotes.