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PoE for 5G solution applications|PROCET

Sep. 12, 2023

PROCET has nearly 20 years of experience in PoE supply applications. Considering the conventional 5G base station will have the corresponding supporting equipment, we have also launched a wide temperature, 10G rate PoE solution, can be used with other equipment in outdoor waterproof box supporting the use.In order to cope with the different environmental power supply applications of 5G technology, we have cost-effective EN series PoE for 5G solutions to solve the problem of 5G small base stations near buildings and industrial-grade outdoor PoE for 5G solution to cope with 5G infrastructures in remote areas. 

Power Solutions for 5G applications

In the 5G base station, the PoE for 5G solution is mainly used in the following aspects:

(1) Power supply for small base stations: PoE technology supplies power to small base stations, thus simplifying the installation and maintenance of base stations and reducing costs. In addition,the PoE power supply solution can improve the reliability and stability of the base station and ensure the normal operation of the base station.

(2) Powering network equipment: PoE technology can power network equipment such as routers, switches, cameras, etc., reducing energy costs and improving energy utilization efficiency.

(3) Support remote control: PoE technology can supply power to equipment by remote control, realizing remote management and monitoring of equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

PROCET 107 series industrial grade PoE power supply products designed for 5G base stations are likely to encounter extreme cold and heat climate, equipment operating temperature between -40 ℃ and +65 ℃ can be fully loaded 60W power operation, PoE is used in the 10G network transformer and 10G network interface, to fully meet the high demand for rate of 5G base stations. Outdoor base station lightning protection is essential, equipment AC port and PoE port were made 6KV (8/20us) design, greatly reducing the 5G equipment and PoE for 5G solution suffered the possibility of natural disasters, wall-mounted placed in the outdoor waterproof box for independent use.

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