5/10G PoE Solution

5/10G transmit speed PoE solutions designed for the high-speed required PDs, such as wireless networks and other equipments


PROCET has developed more than 400 PoE products, about 7series,  which can meet most POE application environments and special requirements. of course, including some special PROCET unique designs. And the products have obtained more than 20 international safety certifications.

We can and only do PoE power solutions
PoE Injector, PoE Switch, PoE Splitter, PoE Surge Supplier
PROCET actively promotes the inheritance and responsibility of corporate culture and sustainable development. We will continuously share our company information and product information, hoping that through the news, you can have a better understanding of PROCESS's corporate culture, team, and unique products.
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PROCET was established in 2000, we have our own brand 'PROCET'. We are an integrated and manufactured enterprise not only specialized in R&D but also good at manufacturing. Our headquarter is based in Beijing, our R&D center and factory is located at Dongguan City.